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Flooring is our specialty; we are always working to deliver the finest product possible, using logs selected to get the most suitable wood for the product. With the support of local Powell River sawmills, we receive our lumber sawn to the highest standards while always maximizing the value of the tree.


We then kiln dry, slower to minimize stress in the wood. Next we plane the wooddouglas fir on all four sides and stack to allow the wood to stabilize in a humidity and temperature controlled safe room.


How we prepare wood for manufacture also rates mention. Special circumstances deserve special attention. For example, is the wood to be used with radiant floor heating? What is the typical weather in the region? After all, Phoenix, Arizona is different from the San Juan Islands!


When ready for final processing we machine to the highest standard. This ensures the floor layer will be working to achieve the highest quality and efficiency.

We make wide plank to 7 inches. All wide plank flooring is end matched (tongue and grooved on all four sides). This gives stability to the flooring while ensuring the floor layer can do the best possible job for our customers.


The bottom line?

We make our floors one at a time. This allows us to personalize your floor to your requirements.


Grown and manufactured in Powell River, BC Canada!